Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An elegant rope necklace in just minutes

For this rope necklace you will need:
approximately 50 cm of 9mm twisted silk cord in brown. Don't forget to put tape on the edges every time before cutting the cord so that it doesn't fray.

Three 19mm gold plated connectors, two 21mm gold plated connectors, two gold plated tubes, one gold plated rondelle bead, two gold plated cord ends, one gold plated lobster clasp and two jump rings.

Also glue, I use this one, you can use whatever suits you.

String everything symmetrically starting with the rondelle in the middle, the way you see in the picture. Leave one 19mm gold plated connector out.

Add glue in the gold plated cord ends and put in the cord edges. Before doing that take off or cut the tape because some glues will burn the plastic and release toxic fumes. I am saying because it happened to me.

Add the gold plated jump rings, lobster clasp and the gold plated connector you had left out and you are ready!

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Plyto said...

So elegant!!! Fantastic job!!!!