Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Silk cord earrings

For these easy to make earrings you will need grey 1,5mm silk cord, two leaf silver plated charms,
orange and black greek ceramic beads, and 3mm silver plated cord ends.

You will also need a pair of earwires and some glue.

Cut two pieces of approximately 10cm of the silk cord, in fact you should burn them with a lighter instead of cutting them or they will fray. Pass the ceramic beads and leaf charms on the cords.

Take the two ends of each piece of cord and push them in the cord end after putting a bit of glue.

Use pliers to open the loop of the earwire, hang the cord end and close again.

You are done!

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Lyriel B said...

That's so pretty! Very well done :)
Καλό τριήμερο Τίνα!