Friday, February 14, 2014

Three cord statement necklace

A secret to make a piece of jewelry more interesting is to mix different textures and that 's what I did for this statement necklace. I used two kinds of silk cord and one chenille cord, 1 meter each.

I combined them with gold plated beads.

I passed the grey blue braided silk cord through four gold plated barrel beads .

I then passed the black silk cord and the chenille red cord together through the thinner gold plated beads.

Using 1.5mm wrapped silk cord I tied 12mm greek ceramic beads on the black silk cord and made a very tight knot for each one.

I glued the ends of all three cords together in  gold plated cord ends .


I added a gold plated lobster and jump rings.

The necklace is long but I prefer it worn wrapped twice around the neck.

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