Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nautical necklace in 5 minutes

Here 's what was needed for this nautical style necklace:

 rondelle greek ceramic beads in red, white, blue
acetino blue braided silk cord  

a couple of silver plated beads
a set of the suitable silver plated cord ends, a set of jump rings and a lobster clasp. I also used a bit of glue to secure the cord in the cord ends.

Cut the cord in the desired length, and begin by stringing a silver bead, then interchange the blue, red, white ceramic beads and end with the other silver plated bead.

You can wrap the tip of the cord with tape to make it pass more easily through the narrower beads.

Add some glue in the cord ends and push the cord in. Add the jump rings and lobster clasp. You have an all time classic for summer nautical style necklace.

1 comment:

onel said...

Love the nautical look! Just perfect for summer!