Thursday, March 10, 2016

Three color braided cord necklace

Hello! Today I am sharing an idea for a quick and stylish cord neclace. It 's easy to make even for beginners and the outcome is very pretty. This is not a tutorial really, as it's so easy to figure it out yourself,  I am just giving you the idea and a couple of the project's details. 

You will need wrapped cotton cord in three different colors, a few small tube greek ceramic beads, 2 cord ends, glue, a jump ring and a lobster clasp. Also a bit of wire and some crimp beads. 

You will start by glueing the three cotton cords in one of the cord ends. Then you will braid them but not too tight so that you leave a bit of empty space between the cords. When you finish you will glue the end of the cords into the other cord end.

Then you will string the beads. You will form a loop with the wire and secure it with the crimps. 

After you finish stringing the beads, you will make another loop and before you close it you will pass the lobster claps on one side and the jump ring on the other. Then you will close the loops with the crimps.

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